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Patient Privacy

Why is Patient Privacy is part of GPACT's membership process?
  • What if a doctor wants to send a patient to you or you want to send a client to a doctor?
  • Are you aware of the laws?
GPACT would like it's members to be aware of the ways that they should manage the privacy of their clients, especially when working with their doctors and other healthcare providers. You should research the laws in your country, state, province, county, city, etc to be sure they do not have requirements. In the US, since colon therapists do not practice medicine, they are not required to have HIPAA policy in place; however, GPACT believes that this is a good practice. Therefore, when asked you would not be surprised.

Please create a document (if you do not already have one) that tells to your clients about how you (your business and associates) protect their privacy, but that you want open communication with theier other health care professionals. If the client wants you to talk with someone on their behalf, they would need to indicate that by filling out a disclosure form stating what information they wanted you to share with whom and for how long. Whatever you decide, GPACT is not held liable for choices you make based on what we say/advise. You are responsible for researching the legal aspects as they apply to you personally. The globe is too large for GPACT to be able to know all of the laws and regulations for this industry in all countries.

Medical/Patient Privacy training and patient/client awareness
According to the World Health Organization, there is a "growing international consensus that all patients have a fundamental right to privacy, to the confidentiality of their medical information, to consent to or to refuse treatment, and to be informed about relevant risk to them of medical procedures." GPACT believes this is important and has addressed this within our association by requiring GPACT members to be aware of their governments' requirements. If none exist, they will follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. State laws that are contrary to the Privacy Rule are preempted by the Federal requirements, unless a specific exception applies.

Training is not required to complete Foundation Level certification with GPACT; however, we strongly suggest therapists consider taking a very inexpensive online class that better prepares therapists as to the laws for their area. Training options are, but many others are available:

Other resources:
•   Patients' Rights Act, 1996 in Israel
•   The Patients' Rights Charter in South Africa