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The Influence of Colonic Irrigation on Human Intestinal Microbiota
Yoko Uchiyama-Tanaka (2012). The Influence of Colonic Irrigation on Human Intestinal Microbiota, New Advances in the Basic and Clinical Gastroenterology, Prof. Tomasz Brzozowski (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0521- 3, InTech, Available from:

A HydroPrep Case Study: South Lake Tahoe
EndoNurse 2012-08-03

Barton 1 of 2 hospitals offering hydro preps for colonoscopies
Lake Tahoe News 2011-05-11

New Study to Examine Colon Hydrotherapy's Use for UC 
EndoNurse Magazine Articles 2012-03-01

Bowel Preps 2012 Is Hydrotherapy Part of the Mix 
EndoNurse Magazine Articles 2011-12-14

Association Defends Colon Cleansing in Medical Journal 
EndoNurse Magazine Articles 2011-10-03

Colon cleansing: Not dangerous if done right
The Journal Of Family Practice ©2011 October 2011 · Vol. 60, No. 10: 573

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