The Global Professional
Association for Colon Therapy

"A Self-Regulating Educational and Certification Body
~ Unsurpassed for Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists Since 2009"

Instructor Certification Level

For those professional colon hydrotherapists whom have:

  • Completed the GPACT Advanced Level certification process for 1-year
  • Completed an Instructor training course by an recognized training facility
  • Instructor level of certification applicants must submit the following proof with their application and membership fee then their application will go through the juried application process
  • For those renewing and changing their certification level, please provide a copy of your liability insurance.
  • A copy of your Instructor Level Colon Hydrotherapy training certification to show you have graduated from a recognized instructor of Professional Colon Hydrotherapy

NOTE: If you are an I-ACT certified instructor, you may not select this option.