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CPR Course Resources

For the GPACT membership requirement of:
“Must have a current CPR card”
GPACT accepts any current CPR certification having your name on it.

Lost your CPR Certification

If you have already a current CPR Certification and lost your card, check with the school where you took
the course see if you can get a copy. You may have to pay for a copy.

Need CPR Certification

You have many places to choose from when selecting a CPR Certification class.
The options listed below are SUGGESTIONS only.

Online options

Classroom options

With the following options, you can enter your zip code to find a location near you.
Most colleges offer CPR classes. Due to the volume of options, they could not all be listed here. To find a classroom near you, perform an internet search for the “colleges or universities near [enter your zip code]” to see what college or university choices are near you.

For example:
If your zip code is 06052, your options include the following:
Charter Oak State College (860) 832-3800 55 Paul Manafort Dr New Britain
Tunxis Community College (860) 255-3500 271 Scott Swamp Rd Farmington
Trinity College (860) 297-2000 300 Summit St Hartford
Gibbs College - Farmington (800) 785-8158 270 Farmington Ave Farmington
Lincoln College of New England (860) 628-4751 2279 Mount Vernon Rd Southington