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Tacoma Reporter
Vol. 7, Issue 36 - Sep. 5, 2002

Colon Hydrotherapy has long been a part of alternative healing. Many people swear by the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, in fact many celebrities regularly use this as part of their health maintainance routine.

So what is it? And why is it a good thing?
Good questions, and certainly something worth thinking about. Colon hydrotherapy is also referred to as colon irrigation, colonics, colon therapy or high enemas. It is a simple process, a flow of temperature controlled, filtered water is gently circulated through the colon. This allows the body to divest itself of toxins and other build-up that has accumulated though a lifetime of junk food, fractionated food and no fiber.
Colon hydrotherapy can be considered a good thing because it helps to rid our bodies of all the ick that has become encrusted on our insides over the years. According to the American Cancer Society most of us are walking around with up to 15 pounds of-well- crap in our colon that is doing nothing except creating a toxic site, and potential breeding ground for cancer. This build up of toxins can result in weight gain, nausea, headaches, bloating, dizziness, bad breath and allergies-not to.mention constipation. Cleansing the colon can help reduce, or even eliminate these problems.

Knowing all of this objectively, and reading about the "gentle" process still isn't always enough to encourage someone to try something as seemingly radical as a high colonic. Given the opportunity, however, I ventured up to the Tacoma Natural Health Clinic to give one a try, because as Dr. Kaiten Rivers said, "there is nothing quite like the experience of colon hydrotherapy." She was right, of course, but it really wasn't what I had been expecting. First of all, it is actually a very private thing; even the very modest should be OK with this. And it is really all that uncomfortable, especially once you get over the bred in embarrasment about this kind of thing that this culture has instilled in most of us. It is actually a relaxing 45 minute process, and when it is all over you really do feel great. (My hands even un-bloated enough to get my rings off!) Dr. Rivers took the time to explain that they use the Libbe System, a FDA approved machine. It uses gravity fed water and is essentially an enclosed system, which produces no smell. The doctor also introduced Judy Marty, who is a certified colon hydrotherapist.

She went through an extensive training course and is careful to explain the process and why most people need more than one (actually they recommend a series of 12) to get everything cleaned out. It is important when going for colon hydrotherapy to make sure the equipment used in FDA approved and the people operating the equip ment are certified and understand what they are doing. Asking question is always acceptable to health care providers, and don't be embarrassed to ask them (whatever they may be).


For more information call the Tacoma Health Clinic at: 572.0939

This is not intended to diagnose or recommend treatment for any ailment; this is for informational purposes only.