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Association for Colon Therapy

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– For individuals wanting to teach the Clinical Colon Hydro-Therapy Course 

Clinical Instructor Level

The Clinical Instructor level is for those professional colon hydro-therapists whom have already been certified at the Clinical and Master level and would like to teach the Clinical level. Applicants for this level must submit the following proof with their application and membership fee then their application will go through the juried application process:
Besides the basic/general requirement for GPACT Membership, the Clinical Colon Hydro-Therapist Instructor Level GPACT Certification requires:
*             Juried application process for applicants holding BOTH the Master Colon Hydro-Therapist and Clinical Colon Hydro-Therapist Certifications.
*             Provide proof of your having completed a Clinical Colon Hydro-Therapy course
Such as copy of your course completion certificate.
*             Provide proof of your being an active practitioner of medically indicated colon hydro-therapy preps including colonoscopy and lower GI preps
*             Provide proof of your working with Gastroenterologist doctor(s) that you regularly providing colonoscopy preps
*             Provide copies of Colonoscopy Preparation Protocol(s) or Instruction
*             Letter of recommendation from at least one Gastroenterologist doctor(s) that you currently work with
*             You must provide to your students be able to observe live colonoscopies procedures on the patients they prepped.