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Introducing Australia's GPACT Awareness Ambassador:



Nadia Rose

4/30 Aberdeen Road
Macleod, VC 3085

03 9041 0013



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Member details

Nadia is the owner of Finding Balance and started the business in 2011 as part of her own journey to ‘find balance’.

Nadia trained at the Australian Institute of Health in Queensland and is the Australian Ambassador for GPACT. Nadia is committed to lifting the standards and expectations within the Colonic Irrigation Industry in Australia.

Nadia is passionate about colonics and the positive influence they can have in people’s lives. Colonics helped Nadia to positively change her lifestyle, and she hopes that she can help others to do the same.

GPACT Ambassadors liaise as representatives in their country of residence on behalf of GPACT which is based in the United States of America. This allows professional standards to be established internationally. Now more than ever it is critical to effectively represent the profession as it grows continuously.

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