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                            Two Arthritis Case Histories                                          
   Case No. 1: James Schmidt

The following article is taken from Edgar Cayce Canada?s publication, The Open Road , and appeared in Issue No. 24, Summer 2002. It is reprinted here in hopes that it will be an inspiration to others who may be suffering from arthritis.

Cayce at Bat, Arthritis strikes Out!
by James Schmidt, editor
?Through diet and exercise the greater portion of all disturbances may be equalized and overcome, if the right mental attitude is kept?

                                                                                                                                                                          ?Edgar Cayce Reading [288-38]

As I struggled down the steps of the hospital in 1991 on my new crutches and in considerable pain, I overheard my wife say to our friend, ?You know, the doctor said he could have died and he will eventually need a wheelchair.? I had just spent two weeks in the hospital after having been admitted through emergency for advanced anemia and an irregular heartbeat. It was speculated at the time of admission that I was suffering from internal bleeding, a well known side effect to the medication I was taking to manage the pain of my rheumatoid arthritis.

While I walked into the hospital, as soon as my medication was taken away, I gradually reverted to an invalid state as the benefits of the drugs left my system. Was this what I had to look forward to, a wheelchair? I had been diagnosed with arthritis some fifteen years earlier and the drugs had effectively managed the pain, but the side effects to my body had been devastating.

It was about a week later before I could visit the rheumatologist who had briefly seen me in the hospital. ID gave me an injection of cortisone in each knee and like magic I could walk again, virtually pain free. At that time he also prescribed some different ?heavy duty? drugs which substantially relieved the pain of the arthritis such that I could function reasonably, but I still required a 6 month convalescent period from the side effects of the previous drugs.

More concerned now than ever about the potentially devastating side effect of the new drugs I was taking I resolved to look seriously into alternatives. Over the next two years I searched the library for books on the treatment of arthritis. During that time I came across several promising techniques-one involving an antibiotic that had apparently been successfully applied in the United States , the other involved kinesiology as a diagnostic tool and various ?medicines? to treat the condition. Although I tried the latter and had success with a non arthritis related condition I had no success for the treatment of arthritis.

At about the time I was searching, my wife became involved with the Cayce material. Subsequently, we attended the Canadian Fellowship Conference held annually in Kingston, Ontario at which Dr. John Pagano was speaking on his use of the Cayce material to treat psoriasis and arthritis. I was very impressed and shortly obtained from the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach the ?circulating file? which contained all the readings given by Edgar Cayce on rheumatoid arthritis. Initially, I found the readings rather discouraging as either there was no follow up as to how the individuals did or if there was follow up the results of treatment seemed somewhat negative. In addition, for a number of individuals there was the warning not to start the treatment program unless they were going to carry it through as their condition would become worse! However, I did try to follow the alkaline diet and as flawed as the attempt was, I did see my psoriasis disappear.

I continued to devour Cayce material and as I began to practice meditation and discover the validity of this material, I slowly came to the realization that this information could be valid?it seemed to be simply a matter of rigorous application. As Cayce said over and over??patience and persistence.? So I tried a few of the therapies outlined, such as, massage with peanut oil, colon hydrotherapy and spinal adjustments, with little noticeable success.

Then, in 1997, the A.R.E. in collaboration with the Meridian Institute, which is also based in Virginia Beach , announced that they had developed a treatment protocol for arthritis based on the Cayce readings and were seeking candidates to come to Virginia Beach for a research trial of the protocol. I was fortunate in November 1998 to attend a 10-day residential program at the Beach along with six other individuals who had osteoarthritis. (Although I had some joints affected with osteoarthritis, my rheumatoid arthritis was far more serious.) At the Beach we were shown and applied the various therapies involved in the treatment protocol. One of the more inspiring events during this program was a talk given by a lady who had followed essentially the same treatment regime as outlined in the protocol some 30 years previously and cured herself of rheumatoid arthritis! I was to learn later that, one of the most valuable comments that she made was that it took about a year before any benefits were realized. Without that knowledge, I am sure I would have given up prematurely.

The treatment program outlined in the protocol involves a change in diet to the Cayce ?alkaline diet,? regular massage with peanut oil, the taking of Atomidine for 5 days followed by an Epsom salts bath and then a massage with peanut oil, spinal manipulation and castor oil packs followed by colon hydrotherapy. The therapies are applied on a cyclical basis. Key to the process is attuning body, mind and spirit and believing that a healing is occurring.

So what has happened? The first thing I noticed immediately after the 10 day program was that I no longer had headaches?something which I had suffered from almost every day for years. During the next 10 months, I truly believed that my body was being healed and at the end of that time, I ceased taking any medications for arthritis and have taken none since. A giant leap of faith, leaving the safety of the medical environment and trusting one?s inner knowing. I believe that the key to physical healing is having a positive attitude and a strong belief that it will happen. I still have some remnants of arthritis in one joint in one finger on each hand but much to my rheumatologist?s surprise there is no discomfort associated with them only a slight loss of motion. Today I participate in physical labour, climb ladders, cut wood, ride a bike, and play golf twice a week (walking the whole time), when time and weather permits.

Over the past 3½ years I have tried to follow the protocol rigorously. Although it has been relatively easy to schedule the appropriate appointments for treatments from health professionals, it has been more challenging to follow the alkaline diet. The reason for this is because it is something you must do every day and when you are traveling or visiting others or eating out it indeed can be a challenge. It would be an overstatement to suggest that I have followed the protocol letter perfect, but when I do go astray for a few days, I return to it as soon as possible.

As you may appreciate, undertaking this program has changed my life and lifestyle. This program has been successful for me and I would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to explore an alternative approach to the treatment of arthritis. As resource materials I highly recommend reading Healing Arthritis, The Edgar Cayce Approach by William A. McGarey, M.D. (Available from the Edgar Cayce Canada Bookstore) and Keys to Health-Holistic Approaches to Healing (An Edgar Cayce Guide) by Eric A. Mein, M.D., of the Meridian Institute. For anyone interested in following the Cayce approach to any illness, I strongly recommend reading, Hope Springs Eternal by David Atkinson for a truly inspirational lift on the way to wellness. (Also available from the E.C.C. Bookstore).

Information on the results of the arthritis research trial are available on the Meridian Institute?s website found at
Case No. 2: Loretta Godbout
This article appeared in A.R.E.?s magazine, Venture Inward, the May/June 2003 issue.
Healing Arthritis, Cell by Cell
by Loretta Godbout, Virginia Beach, VA

This is my story of how the Edgar Cayce readings helped me to heal my rheumatoid arthritis 33 years ago. I was still attending college, living on junk food, and already had a history of physical problems. One day as I bent down to look at books on a lower shelf, my right knee popped. A visit to my doctor revealed arthritis. For eight years the pain grew steadily worse until I was virtually crippled. My knees were so tender that just a touch was excruciating. I was in unrelenting pain 24 hours a day. I consulted four doctors without improvement, and became really alarmed when they proposed scraping the bone and draining out the fluid with long needles. A family member had tried this without success.

During this time I continued to seek healing, prompted by an inner voice, saying, ?The body is meant to be well.? On one occasion I even attended a service by a famous healer, but was not one of those who were healed. I also read some books on health but they were simply not convincing. Although I had medical coverage through my job, I did not want to have joint replacement as the doctors suggested. Instead, I took pain pills and kept searching for a less invasive, less painful cure.

One day in 1967, out shopping, I found myself drawn to There is a River, by Thomas Sugrue. I stood in line with the book, decided I didn?t need it, put it back and left the store, but the title kept flashing through my head until I drove back two weeks later and bought it. I read all night. Although Cayce was no longer alive, I decided to follow the case history on arthritis which was in the back of the book. I firmly believed that if it works for one body, it will work for another.

The first treatment was to purify my body for 30 days by eating right?no sugar, starch, alcohol, red meat, pork, fried foods and no preservatives. Cabbage and bananas were also to be avoided. I ate primarily turkey, chicken, fish, fresh fruit, and vegetables, and whole-wheat bread. Until my body could handle raw foods, I ate cooked vegetables. Although I did not adhere to the diet perfectly, I knew it helped my body change, cell by cell.

After the 30 days, I took Epsom salts baths once a week, using five pounds to a tub of water as hot as I could stand. I would soak for 35 minutes, rubbing my sore joints. After rinsing with fresh water, I sat on a plastic sheet and massaged my joints with peanut oil. Then I would rest or sleep.

The next part of the treatment was Atomidine (atomic iodine) dosage. A.R.E. sent me the address of a supplier. When I obtained my Atomidine, I devised a dosage cycle which suited me but was not exactly the one suggested in the reading. I took one drop in a glass of water each morning for five days, then left off for five days. I continued this cycle for about a year and a half.

Finding a person who did colonics was my next challenge. I eventually found a woman who gave me a colonic once a month. My other Cayce recommendation was to have a spinal adjustment twice a week. I found a wonderful chiropractor who included some massage as part of the treatment.

During this time I was often discouraged, especially at first. I would look in the mirror and cry because there was no visible progress.But as the months went by I improved, slowly and surely, cell by cell. After a year and a half I was free of pain, except for an ache in my fingers when rain was due. Finally, at the A.R.E. Conference in Asilomar, California , I discovered it had rained the night before and I had felt no symptoms. I knew then that I was healed at the deepest level.

Since that time my arthritis has not returned, despite decades of stress on my fingers caused by typing. I used to be an atheist, but once I started getting well I decided that if Cayce was right about the body, he was probably correct about other things as well. So I pulled out There is a River and read the ?Philosophy Section? in the back of the book. I joined the A.R.E. and and am now a Life Member. I thank God and Edgar Cayce every day for my healing. What a painful physical life I would have lived without Cayce?s readings. I was crippled for eight years with rheumatoid arthritis (the most deforming), yet I have been healed for 33 years. Cayce not only enabled me to heal the body but he led me to God and to mental and spiritual healing as well. Today I am learning country line dancing! This would not be possible if it were not for Cayce having laid down his life daily to make mine livable and fun.

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