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Anatomy and Physiology Resources

For the GPACT membership requirement of:
“Postsecondary education level Anatomy & Physiology (equivalent to three (3) semester hours)”
GPACT accepts credits from any accredited community college, university, or college including online.
The options listed below are SUGGESTIONS only.

Lost your record

If you have already taken a college level Anatomy and Physiology class and lost your records, check with
the school where you took the course. You may have to pay for a copy of your transcript.

Need to find a class

Online options

Phoenix University:

Classroom options

Because of the volume of options, they could not all be listed here. Please perform an internet search
for college or university near [enter your zip code] to see what college or university choices are near

For example:
If your zip code is 92078, your options include the following:
Coleman College Website (760) 747-3990 1284 W San Marcos Blvd Ste 110, San Marcos
Palomar College Website (760) 744-1150 1140 W Mission Rd. San Marcos
University Auxiliary (760) 750-4700 435 E Carmel St, San Marcos
California State University (760) 750-4600 441 La Moree Rd, San Marcos
California State Univ (760) 750-4700 435 E Carmel St., San Marcos