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Association for Colon Therapy

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~ Unsurpassed for Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists Since 2009"

GPACT Ambassador Information

Ambassadors liaise as representatives in their country and/or state of residence on behalf of GPACT which is based in the United States of America. This allows professional standards to be established internationally. Now more than ever it is critical to effectively represent the profession as it continuously grows.

As an ambassador, each Ambassador will work to stay informed on all matters that pertain to Colon Hydrotherapy including:

  • Work with their governmental agencies to help promote and establish GPACT standards of practice including:
    • Ensuring practitioners are properly educated and hold proper licensure for legal practice.
    • Promote proper hygiene practices among therapists as well as for the entire business entity, such as proper disinfection and maintenance of device, therapy room(s), and facility.
    • Use of single use only disposable speculum kits/nozzles.
    • Use of approved equipment as specified in the legal requirements for the country the business reside in. If there is no establish criteria in your country, then GPACT requires members to use the FDA or CE approved devices or guidelines to be the standard.
      For example, in the United States the standards are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and classified "Class II (performance standards) when the device is intended for colon cleansing when medically indicated, such as before radiological or endoscopic examinations.
  • Ensuring public safety and for the proliferation of our industry.
  • Working with therapist from their local area whom are interested in becoming members of GPACT.
Ambassadors do not know everything about the colon hydrotherapy industry. They volunteer for these positions to help guide other therapist to act responsibly by providing information on what they have experienced. GPACT shall NOT be held responsible for someone not doing their own research with their government.

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