The Global Professional
Association for Colon Therapy

"A Self-Regulating Educational and Certification Body
~ Unsurpassed for Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists Since 2009"

The GPACT Advisory Board

The GPACT Advisory Board consists of a group of qualified GPACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapists, medical and business professionals having a broad scope of knowledge of the colon hydro-therapy industry. These volunteers understand the mission of the association and its members thus work diligently to assist the profession at large.

The advisors are entrusted with working on issues that vary from advocacy, legislative work, jury instructor applicants, on site inspections, management of grievances among other tasks.

Should you require assistance from the advisory board, please email with your complete information including:

  • Name
  • Country and State if are a member of GPACT
  • Purpose of your contact with the advisory board
  • Any grievances should include any supporting information that you may provide.