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Clinical Data

Cecal volvulus: a report of two cases occurring after the ante grade colonic enema procedure

Kokoska ER, Herndon CD, Carney DE, Lerner M, Grosfeld JL, Rink RC, West Kw KW.

Section of Pediatric Surgery, J.W. Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA.

BACKGROUND: Many children with chronic constipation and fecal incontinence have benefited from the antegrade colonic enema (ACE) procedure. Routine antegrade colonic lavage often allows such children to avoid daytime soiling. This report describes 2 children in whom the ACE procedure was complicated by a cecal volvulus.

METHODS: A retrospective review of 164 children with an ACE procedure was conducted. Two instances of cecal volvulus were identified.

RESULTS: The first child presented with abdominal pain and difficulty intubating the ACE site. Over the subsequent day, his pain worsened, and radiographs depicted a colonic obstruction. At laparotomy, a cecal volvulus resulting in bowel necrosis was observed, and resection of the affected bowel and appendix (in the right lower quadrant) and end ileostomy was required. He subsequently had the stoma closed and a new ACE constructed with a colon flap. The second child presented with shock and evidence of an acute abdomen. At laparotomy, a cecal volvulus was noted, and ileocolic resection including the ACE stoma (located at the umbilicus) and an ileostomy and Hartmann pouch was performed. He had a protracted hospital course requiring ventilator and inotropic support. He currently is well and still has an ileostomy stoma.

CONCLUSIONS: A high index of suspicion for a potentially life-threatening cecal volvulus should be maintained in children undergoing an ACE procedure who present with abdominal pain, evidence of bowel obstruction, or difficulty in advancing the ACE irrigation catheter.

PMID: 15185225 [Pub Med - indexed for MEDLINE]